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Operation Lion Claws
with Col. Danny McKnight, MSG. Mad Max Mullen, Col. Paul Longgrear and Sgt.Kenn Miller

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Sedona West
Military and Law
Enforcement Training
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FALL 2010




Lion Claws 8

Bad Karma

Dave Haas

Gun Safety is very
necessary to maintain
our rights. Take a safety
course now.

A well regulated Militia,
being necessary to the
security of a free State,
the right of the people to
keep and bear Arms,
shall not be infringed.

Col. Danny McKnight
MSG "Mad Max" Mullen

Civil War Re-enactment

2B Kentucky, C.S.A.

Civil War HQ

American Civil War Society


The Original
"Bad Karma"



2B Kentucky Cavalry

2nd Cav

Gabe Broadaway & Col. McKnight

Bad Karma
WW2 Impression

California Historical Group

2nd Ranger Battalion F Company

2nd Ranger Battalion E Company

Private Gabe and Sgt. Broadaway




Cover Fire SAW
Pvt. Donald Cooper

CQB Training


Security Perimeter
Bad Karma

CQB Training

Col. Paul Longrear,Rob Rutter,SGT. Kenn Miller






Rob Rutter

Dave Haas

Mike Broadaway

Craig Clark

Ashley Rutter

For The
For The Troops
For The Troops mainstream focus has been providing care packages, encouragement and appreciation to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. This all volunteer, non-profit organization was established in 2006 and has been going steady coordinating collection drives with schools, churches, service organizations, businesses, and scouting programs to furnish the care packages.

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